Who is the course for?
PLEAD is primarily aimed at lawyers and law students. The course is also suitable for legal support staff whose work regularly requires them to communicate in English. PLEAD is also popular with business people and other professionals whose work regularly brings them into contact with legal issues.

What does the course teach?
PLEAD is a high-quality, 16-unit, ‘blended learning’ Legal English course for lawyers and law students, combining online training with the world’s leading Legal English coursebook. The course provides a basic vocabulary in more than 10 areas of general commercial law. PLEAD has an online element and a course book element (course book purchased separately). The online course expands upon the vocabulary taught in the leading Legal English course book, International Legal English (2nd edition), presenting key Legal English terminology in short reading and listening passages.

PLEAD is used by universities, language schools, bar associations and law firms around the world. It is the result of a unique cooperation between Cambridge University Press, the Boston University School of Law, the Boston University Center for English Language and Orientation Programs and TransLegal.

How long will the course take?
The online element of the course provides 30 hours of online self-study. The course book, International Legal English (2nd edition), provides a further 90-110 hours of self-study material. An additional 30 hours of Internet research tasks and vocabulary quizzes related to the course book is also available at no extra charge. To find out the duration of live courses, please contact your local PLEAD language school directly. The course book may be purchased here. Click here for the additional free research tasks.