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University of Amsterdam

Kamers Amsterdam University College, Carolina MacGillavrylaan 630-2078, 1098 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Located in the heart of Amsterdam, The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is one of the major universities in Europe. UvA has over 28,000 students and around 5,000 staff. Education and research at the UvA are conducted in seven areas: the Humanities, the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Economics and Business, Law, the Natural Sciences, Medicine and Dentistry.

The Law School

The Faculty of Law of the is one of the major faculties in the Netherlands, with 3,500 students and 350 staff members.
An interdisciplinary approach is preferred by the Faculty of Law, working together with other law schools in the Netherlands and combining such fields as economics, sociology, psychology and even health care with the study of law.

Tuition Fees

2010-2011 Fees for the LLM
Social Sciences
Law, Economics and Business Studies, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Teachers' Training
Master: 12,000 euro

Please note: tuition fees for international students are the same whether or not the student is enrolled in full-time or part-time study.

The Program

The Amsterdam Law School directs all LL.M. Programmes. Several of these programmes are taught in English.
There are four graduate Masters of Laws (LL.M.) programmes in Public International and/or European Law topics at The Amsterdam Law School:
1) European Private Law
2) International & European Law
- Public International Law
- International Trade Law & Investment Law
- European Union Law
- European Union Business Law
3) Research Master in Public International Law--this is a two-year program
4) International Criminal Law (in cooperation with the Columbia Law School

Entry Requirements

The LLM programs are intended for students that have received a bachelor of laws (or equivalent) degree or students that have received a bachelor (or equivalent) degree in another field of study.
All international study programmes are fully taught in English, except for the Masters in the modern European languages, students who are non-native English speakers are required to have passed a test in English.