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Hong Kong University (“HKU”)

Hku Space Community College Lee Shiu Building, 28 Wang Hoi Rd, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
The University of Hong Kong is the territory's oldest university, and with a history that stretches back more than 90 years, it has grown with and helped shape the city from which it takes its name. Today, the university (often referred to by its nickname "HKU") is a dynamic, comprehensive, university of world-class standing. With ten Faculties and numerous research centres, its reputation as a centre of intellectual excellence is recognised around the world. The school continues to build on its strengths with innovative research and teaching, producing well-rounded graduates with outstanding leadership qualities.

The Law School

The Faculty of Law is the leading law school in the territory and has a cherished heritage. It is ranked amongst the best in the Asia-Pacific region and is highly regarded for providing quality legal education and life-long learning opportunities.

Building on its strong tradition of teaching and research in the common law and prominent professional and community, the Faculty, as a regional centre of excellence in China and the Asia-Pacific Region, aspires to be a world class law school that meets the highest standards of international excellence in every dimension and to join the ranks of the best law schools internationally.

Hence, it is the school's stated mission to train not just first rate legal professionals, who will serve the community with the highest caliber and integrity cultivated through law programmes that are intellectually rigorous and socially responsive, but also leaders with broad international exposures, vision and commitment to the community and the humanitarian causes of mankind.

The law school was established in 1969 and matured into the Faculty of Law in 1984. Since its establishment, the Faculty of Law has become the breeding ground for some of the most distinguished legal professionals and community leaders in Hong Kong.

The Faculty is presently organized into two departments (the Department of Law and the Department of Professional Legal Education) and employs nearly 60 full-time teachers from more than 17 jurisdictions around the world.

The Program

The faculty offers a number of taught postgraduate programmes: a general Master of Laws (LLM) programme, five specialised LLM programmes (comprising Chinese law, human rights law, corporate and financial law, information technology and intellectual property law, arbitration and dispute resolution law), and their corresponding postgraduate diploma (PDip) programmes (comprising PRC law, public law, commercial law, information technology and intellectual property law).

In addition, the Faculty also offers a Master of Common Law degree, which is specifically designed for graduates in law from non-common law jurisdictions, particularly Mainland China, who wish to acquire an expertise in common law.

The Faculty has a vigorous research environment that offers excellent research opportunities and facilities. The various types of research include traditional doctrinal analysis, inter-disciplinary work, as well as theoretical and applied research.