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La Trobe University

La Trobe University, 133 McKoy St, West Wodonga VIC 3690, Australia
La Trobe University is spread out among several different campuses in Victoria, Australia. The university has grown from just over 500 students when it opened in 1967 to more than 30,000 students today. The student body includes nearly 8,000 international students from over 90 countries. The university currently has a network of campuses, including over 21,000 students at its Melbourne campus and over 6,000 at each of its campuses in Albury-Wodonga, Beechworth, Bendigo, Mildura, Melbourne City and Shepparton. La Trobe offers both undergraduate and graduate courses which cover the main educational areas: Education, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law and Management, and Science, Technology and Engineering. La Trobe is considered to be particularly strong in the area of arts and humanities and also has a strong international reputation in biomedicine.

The Law School

La Trobe School of Law is a law school of international standing. The school has a stated belief that, in the contemporary world, it is important that law graduates have an understanding of legal issues from a global perspective and that skills in critical analysis, established solidly upon good legal knowledge and understanding, are what law graduates will need most in their future career development. While equipping students with the requisite skills and knowledge to practise law, the school emphasises hands-on experiences such as clinical legal education, internship and placement programs and international exposure such as student exchange.

La Trobe Law produces expert research that informs government policy and public interest advocacy across a broad range of areas. The school has maintained constructive relationships with professional and community bodies as well as local, State and Federal governments. La Trobe also host many visiting Scholars from Asia, America, Europe and other regions as part of its Global Business law and Public Interest Law post-graduate programs. Additionally it has several LLM articulation arrangements with universities abroad.

Tuition Fees

Approximately 23,000 AUD

The Program

Master of Laws in Global Business Law

Course description
This course presents an opportunity for law graduates and certified practicing accountants to study commercial law in areas of global interest, taught by some of the world’s leading academics and commercial practitioners. A broad range of subjects in US, European and Asian Law prepares graduates for a career in an international business and legal environment. Students may also take Public Interest Law subjects (with approval).

Master in Commercial Law

Course description
Corporations increasingly require people to have knowledge of commercial law issues. This program, taught by some of the world's leading academics and commercial practitioners, provides an opportunity for those without a legal qualification to gain a solid background in domestic and international commercial law. An extensive range of subjects in US, European and Asian law prepares graduates for a career in an international business or a legal environment. The course is open to graduates from any non-law discipline.

International Business and Law – Master

Course description
The age of globalization increasingly requires people with a legal background to have an understanding of business. This course aims to provide an understanding of the links between major business functions and the legal framework. The Global Business Law program offers a broad range of subjects in US, European and Asian law, taught by some of the world's leading academics and commercial practitioners. The International Business program is designed to explore the macro-to-micro environment of international business, with an analysis of the functional strategies of multinational corporations in areas including marketing, management, finance, and human resource management.

Laws International (Master)

Course description
The degree is only available to overseas lawyers who have a law degree from their home jurisdiction. Students can combine subjects from different programs including the Bachelor of Laws, the Master of Laws in Global Business Law and Public Interest Law subjects. The Global Business Law program presents an opportunity to study commercial law in areas of global interest. The public interest Law subjects offer students the opportunity to study the meeting point of law and the public interest in areas including human rights, inquests, commissions and inquiries, and health regulation.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must have an undergraduate Bachelor's degree from an Australian university, or approved international equivalent, or progression from the Graduate Certificate in Global Business Law with a satisfactory grade average.