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Land law (also: real property law) is the body of law relating to the ownership of real estate (US real property) (=land and the buildings and other permanent structures attached to it). Not surprisingly, land law is such a basic form of law that it can develop even where there is no official state enforcement.

Notably, land law is still a developing area of law. While some countries are implementing land law reforms that that seek to limit the right of foreigners to buy land, others are dealing with the more fundamental question of the role of human rights in land law. And the legislatures of other jurisdictions are working to make it harder for people to be removed from their land through expropriation (the act of taking away or modifying property (or a property interest) from a private by the state) and to increase the compensation they receive if they are removed.

There are also nongovernmental organisations that work with governments and others to help with land law reform and policy that promotes democratic land reform, including fair compensation for land acquired through expropriation and the rule of law.