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The term prescription refers to a claim or right that a person may have over something because they have used that thing for a very long time. It is most often used in relation to property law. A prescription gives the user an easement for use (=the right that someone has to use the land belonging to another) but not ownership of the property.

In 2011, David and Katherine Brady sued the Hamilton Golf Club and Ravalli County claiming trespass (=to enter into another person’s land without their permission), nuisance (=something that causes harm or annoyance to a person or to property) and breach of duty (=when one person or company has a duty of care toward another person or company, but fails to live up to that standard) after discovering that close to 1,300 golf balls landed on their yard during the course of a season. Both parties agreed in court that golf balls had been falling down on the property since the 18th hole was opened in 1979, and stated the couple who bought the house along the 18th hole of a golf course should have known their yard might be scattered with golf balls. The judge ruled the golf course had a prescriptive easement to the property since balls had been landing there for more than five years without a challenge.